Friday, August 28, 2015


Yes, I have been missing in action...but there has been plenty of action around here...just not exciting action!  I have been sewing while listening to audio in a touch of gardening (just enough to get a nasty sting!) and of course our daily hikes (YIKES...another bear sighting!!).  Seems quilting is the only SAFE and pain free sport out there!  :o))  But it was all good, I just had nothing blog worthy!  And I still don't for that matter...but will show you the progress that I have made on my tree quilt...
SEW...I have two more trees that need borders.  Those improv borders take time...who knew?! :o) Then I need to 'fill in the holes'!

Glynis has also been busy working on her forest too...and it has a whole different look!  Check it out...

So there you have it...more trees...but we are both heading for the finish line!

Before you leave...head on over to Laural's blog over at Simply Put Plus!  She is giving away the cutest 'Pumpkin Friends' pattern's one of her newest patterns...the ink is still wet!!

Hey, that strange sound that I hear is RAIN...yup, it is finally raining on Vancouver Island!!  I can hear the brown grass (our lawn) slurping it up and saying "FINALLY!"  All my dancing (rain-dancing that is) paid off!!

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Stitching!~P

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Slow Stitching Sunday...

Progress to report!!  The middle of the quilt is's been BIG stitch quilted!   The PVC quilting frame is great for quilting the middle of the quilt but not so great for the outer edges. But that's it's time for the hoop and the outer edges!!

Just one stitch at a time...I think I can..I think I can...:o))

I hope you get in some slow stitching this sunny Sunday!~P

Friday, August 21, 2015

A Finish For Glynis!

I swear Glynis does not sleep!  She just keeps banging off quilts left, right and centre!  Exquisite quilts!  Wonderful quilts!  Quilts that are on MY Bucket List!  Do I sound just a wee bit envious...ok...downright jealous?!  Well...maybe just a little!  :o)) But that's OK...because when I see Glynis' creations it just cements my reasons for wanting to make these quilts!!

For instance, this quilt...we both bought the kits when we were down south at Grand Country Quilters in La Mesa, CA!  Love that shop!
Glynis finished it off last week...and it is wonderful!  WAY better than I remembered!  My pictures DO NOT do it justice at all!  It is made from Diamond Textile fabrics with a lovely pop of orange and then the wool pennies in the centre of each star add a whole other dimension.  And I have the kit...somewhere!  (insert happy dance!) haha Yes, I have got to clean out that cupboard but it is in there somewhere!
The pattern for this quilt can be found in Primitive Quilts Magazine...:o)

Glynis is also working on this Kim Diehl Quilt...this one is on both Sandy and my To Do List...and it is going to be DDG (drop-dead-gorgeous)!  It is going to look lovely on Glynis' kitchen table!

This table topper can be found in 'Simple Appeal' by Kim Kiehl...and is called 'Penny Garland' 16.  See...I'm not completely unorganized!  I KNOW where my books are!  :o)))

 Yup...I'm loving this!  But then I love everything that Kim Diehl creates!  I just wish she wouldn't name her books 'Simple Whatever"'s too confusing for this 'Simple Brain'!  It's like Buggy Barn naming their books 'Crazy Whatever'...  I can never remember which is which...'Crazy, Eh'!

So it's the end of another week and August is flying by!!  I haven't lifted thread or needle towards ANY of the projects on my GOAL LIST and it feels wonderful...except for that little niggle of 'darn'...I was on such a roll!  But sometimes we have go with the way that the wind is blowing...or we will get mired in the mud....metaphorically speaking, of course!  No mud or wind around here...(have I told you how much I want RAIN?)

Maybe I will get back on track in September...?  We shall see...I will say this, August sure was a FUN month!! :o)))

Anyway...I hope that you have a FUN Friday and happy stitching!~P