Saturday, February 6, 2016

Freebie Friday...

Ok, I know...I'm a day LATE but free is FREE...and everyone likes FREE regardless of the day...even the rich like FREE things!

If you are rich or poor...doesn't matter, just go straight to Kathy Schmitz Website! Do not pass GO or stop at Park Place!  When you get there,  click on FREE PATTERNS at the top right...i caramba, this link takes you to the SWEETEST patterns!  You are going to want to download them all and print them off FAST!  Trust me on this...

Just one of the freebies...CUTE!  It's sweet as a stitchery but imagine it done in wool...:o))) just sayin'!

And while you're there...check out her newest patterns!  WOW!  Kathy is one talented designer!  All those sweet patterns...all you need is TIME...and we all have plenty of that...right?  Ahhh...the quilters' many patterns, so little time!

Hope you're having a Super Saturday...and Happy Stitching!~P

Friday, February 5, 2016

It's F-Month...February Friday Finishes...

I am excited to say that this our FIRST ever February Friday Finishes Post!  Nancie Anne Quilt Blog is also participating in our February Fun, along with Just Judy... I can't wait to see what they have accomplished!  Just Judy...who doesn't blog...will be sending pictures shortly...right JJ?:o)

It started off as a hellish week for me...I got the flu...AGAIN!  (I am SO getting a Flu Shot next year!) I spent all day Sunday sleeping. Monday I felt like a train had hit me, Tuesday we went for a short walk outside...and the fresh air invigorated me so much that I managed to get a few things done!  FINALLY...

During the days I worked on 'Home For the Holidays' by Primitive Gatherings...and by Thursday it became an official 'flimsy'!  Sew EXCITING...I know...I have to get out more! haha
 And zooming in for a closer look....

Love the tree, the angel, oh and the stocking!
 And check out the gingerbread man with the thighs!  Love him!
 In the evening, I stitched and F-inished this block to 'Where the Cows Come Home'...a Kathy Cardiff and Taylor Olvera pattern!  I think this one is my favourite!  I know...I know... I have said that about all the blocks but this one is REALLY sweet!
 And I banged off this sweet puppy!  It was prepped and ready to roll....what's a quilter to do?!  It's a Maggie Bonanomi Pattern and so darn sweet!!  A perfect spring pillow!
I stitched it on white tea stained blanket wool.  NEVER, never poo-poo a wool blanket!  Sure the wool is a lot thicker than regular bolt wool and can't be used for applique BUT this wool makes the perfect backgrounds for pillows and mats!   Just look at the way this one stands at attention...perk little corners...(my corners haven't been this perky in years...I couldn't resist! haha)  I didn't even need to blanket stitch the edges!  Love this little guy...and doesn't he look at home mixed in with the other Spring Pillows!

My Weeping Pussy Willow Tree is just starting to break out in pussy willows...I think I will nestle a few branches here and there to finish off this bowl.  Maybe I'll finish it up by NEXT February's Friday!

It really is too bad February is such a short month....

Oh...and don't forget to head over to Nancie Anne's Blog!  I know that she will have something Fun, Fabulous and Fantastic Finishes this Friday in February!  (Now say THAT five times really Fast!)

Have a Fun Friday Finishing up of your own...and happy stitching!~P

Thursday, February 4, 2016

'The Snowman Quilt' by Cheri...and gang!

My friend, Claire, has taken the 'Finish It Up February' Challenge to heart and has completed her 'Snowman Quilt'...a Cheri Payne Design!  LOVE this little 24" X 24" tabletopper/wall hanging!  

Claire put her own spin on this quilt and changed it up a wee bit.  She chose to put the stars in the sky rather on the trees.  A small little change like that, makes this quilt more of a 'Winter' Quilt and less of a Christmas Quilt.  Now she can keep it out for several months rather than just for Christmas!  I like that...more bang for your quilt!  She also added snowman eyes, buttons etc.  
Also the pattern picture showed that there was an inner border but there was no mention of the border in the directions.  Sooo...Claire cut her's 1 1/4" wide so that it finishes at about 3/4".
You might remember that Glynis also made this mat...and her's looked totally different!  It's all in the fabric choice!  You can check out Glynis' version HERE!  Anne from "Cotton 'n Wool  Blog and her friend, Sandy also made their own versions of this quilt...which you can SEE HERE!!  One things for matter what your fabric choice, they all turned out dang stinking CUTE!  It's also fun to see how everyone quilted theirs!

This is one wee quilt that just got bumped to the top of the heap for me!  It's just too darn cute not to go ahead of the pack!!  Speaking of pack...geeze-louise it's hard to keep up with these prolific and wonderful quilters...but I will do my VERY best to try!  :o)

You can order your own Snowman Pattern HERE . Come on, you know you wanna!  But be's hard to order just one of Cheri's patterns!  They are all so darn SWEET!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P