Tuesday, November 25, 2014

This and That Tuesday…

Yup…it’s THAT kind of day!! 

First off, remember Greer and her Press and Seal Experiment?  She needed to transfer her printing onto dark fabric and she heard about Press ‘n Seal by Glad making that job easier…


…so she tried it out!

Last week she was busy stitching…and she reported that it was easy to transfer the printing onto the Glad product!  Using a hoop over her work and the Press and Seal, she was able to hold her work taut as she stitched away on it…Greer reported that it was easy to needle through it…


The final test was the removal of the Press ‘n Seal.  WELL…Greer said it worked great.  She cut the wrap, using scissors, right up to the printing and then gently pulled it off…and it WORKED!!  No pulled threads! Greer gave it a passing grade (two Quilter’s Thumbs UP) and she will definitely use it again!

Now if you are wondering WHAT Press ‘n Seal can do,  you need to see this VIDEO…it’s worth it just to use it as a wrap!  It looks amazing!!  Throw it into your sewing bag and you will never have any more coffee spills, you can peel your orange BEFORE you leave, wrap it with this miracle product and throw it in with your fabric…YUP…no stains!  AS IF YOU WOULD DO THIS!  See the video…but keep all food out of your fabric tote!!  I don’t care what Bob(the Press ‘n Seal guy) says…fabric is FABRIC!!  NO FOOD in with your fabric!  I think Bob needs to make a NEW and IMPROVED video where he will be stitching with needle and thread and of course Press and Seal!!

The LAST thing I want to share with you is this quilt that I showed you yesterday…


Glynis whipped this quilt up in a day!!  Cute isn’t it?!  It’s going to be a last minute gift for a family member.  If you have a last minute gift that you want to whip up……then this may be the SWEET answer…thanks to SWIM Bike Quilt Blog!  It’s a FREE PATTERN!!  Hurry HERE to download it and get cutting…Christmas TIMES a-coming…and it’s coming FAST!!  EXACTLY ONE MONTH TO GO!!  Yeehaw!!  Bring it on!!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P

Monday, November 24, 2014

Making It on Monday…

Here are a few snippets of what quilters are working on while at Heritage Quilting on Mondays..

Hazel has been busy appliqueing…this quilt is going to become a cherished wedding quilt when she is finished! Stunning!


Sandy was stitching this pillow closed and I BELIEVE it will be going under the tree for her daughter!  Very sweet!


Yup..Glynis whipped this Quilt top up in a matter of minutes and it is about to get ‘pinned’!  How cute is this!  Another quilt that will be going under wraps!


Jane’s Hexies were putting a ‘hex’ on me!  Love the fabrics in these!


DANG CUTE!!  This will be going into a row quilt…wool stockings…


…with needle felted tops!  Screaming SWEET!


More hand quilting…Yup…I’m loving this one too!


Most quilts and runners get their bindings stitched on while at Heritage…the perfect project for the perfect project!


And there are always big tables put up for this very purpose…pinning a quilt…getting it ready for either hand quilting or machine quilting!


These tables are in hot demand…get a number! 


And a close-up…all hand stitched!!  A beauty!


And of course there are plenty of quilters carrying their own creations…

A tumbler bag…


…filled with pockets and flaps!


And check out this one…Yowzers…lots of work in this one…but the attention to detail makes it unique and one of a kind!




And this was our Block of the Month!  Magnificent!!  A block is presented (taught) at the beginning of the month…the rules are given…ie colours and technique and those wishing to participate can make a block. The blocks gets put it in a special box and a raffle ticket with the participant’s name goes into the Give Away bin.  If you make five blocks, you get five chances…and at the end of the month you might just win enough blocks to make a QUILT!! 


Who wouldn’t LOVE to win this gorgeous quilt?!  Major SCORE!!

So there you have it…SEW I wonder what the quilters will be working on today?  I better take my camera just in case!

Have a Making it kind of Monday and Happy Stitching!~P

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Heritage Happenings…

Pour yourself a coffee and get comfy because the Heritage Quilters have been busy!  They would put Santa’s Workshop to shame…

I’m not going to provide a running commentary as I have things to do, places to go, people to see…in other words, I am off and running!!



His and her quilts…


…and the backs!







I know…WOW!!  My apologies for not doing these quilts justice!! AND I hope I didn’t overwhelm you!!  SEW many beauties!

I bet these wonderful quilters have inspired you to pick up a needle and thread today! :o)) Wish I could join you…

Have a Sunny Sunday and Happy Stitching!~P