Sunday, August 31, 2014

Last Minute Finish…

by Sandie…from  Crazy About Quilts Blog!!  She has just posted her Winter Solstice Quilt pictures for this month!  Sandie accidently made the trees to go with her wee houses and am I ever glad she did!!  They are wonderful!  Love the colour combinations!!  They give me something to strive for this month!!  Sandie, you have inspired me to dig out those green homespuns…and I’m sure the rest of the Winter Solstice Sew A-Long crew feels the same way!!  Way to go, Sandie!  You can go and see what Sandie has been up to by going HERE!  She has got the hard part done…because the stars are easy-peasy!

Winter Solstice…Round TWO!

As you may know, many of us bloggers, as well as non-bloggers, have been busy working on ‘Winter Solstice’, a quilt designed by Country Threads.  Our goal is to have her done before Winter Solstice…which is Dec. 21 in the Northern Hemisphere.  If you live in the Southern Hemisphere then you have plenty of time because your Winter Solstice isn’t until June 21…2015! :o)


OK…let’s get the show on the road…

Here’s Seattle Judy’s August ‘work’…she is clearly having WAY too much fun with this project!!  Magnificent!

unnamed (1)

And Glynis has been messing around in her sewing room too!!  She has secretly finished the entire quilt but is only showing what is necessary!  Such a good team member!  Aren’t they cute…


And close-ups of her sweet stars…


Sandy’s wee houses are adorable…

image (6)

Even though Sandy spent the entire month of August at the lake, she managed to get her houses finished and her wool stars prepped!!

image (4)

Some of us are using wool for the stars and some are using cotton…either way, all’s good!

image (5)

And Claire, who is on Hornby Island managed to finish her homework before leaving!  She has prepped her cotton stars ready for being appliqued…

photo (11)

This is the view that Claire has from her Hornby Island deck…yup…she is stitching away… with a glass of wine close at hand!!  Yes, life if tough!!

photo (10)-001

And here are my wee houses and stars…I have stitched my stars in wool.


And all together…


You have GOT to check out the other bloggers who have been busy working away on their own Winter Solstice…

Pam from “Stitching Between the Lines” (love the name of this blog!!) has posted her wee houses and stars!  You are going to love her post!!  Check it out HERE!!

And you MUST hurry over to Bev’s blog, 44th Street Fabric”!!  She says she is enjoying working with the darker colours…I can’t wait to see what she has done!

If anyone else has posted then send me a note and I will ‘link you up’!

SEW…there you have it!  Next month our goal will be to finish the top off…minus the border!  We will save the border for October…unless of course, you are feeling ambitious and  want to ‘get ‘er done’!!  In that case…fly at ‘er!

Have a Sunny Sunday and Happy Stitching!~P

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Winter’s A-Coming…in more ways than one!

I’m down to the crunch with ‘Snowy Days’ by Heart to Hand.  It’s sandwiched and pinned, the audio book is playing, so you will find me  busy hand quilting it together!

The background fabric is wool so I opted for no batting.  Instead I found a nice thick black flannel for the backing…leftovers from another wool quilt!  This means that I don’t have to do a lot of hand quilting as there is no batting to hold in place.  Yeah!


I’m hoping another day’s work and this puppy will be ready for the binding…certainly ready before the snow flies!!


News for those quilters participating in the WINTER SOLSTICE SEW ALONG….

OMGosh…today is August 30 and YOU know what THAT means… TOMORROW is ‘Winter Solstice’ SHOW AND TELL time!  Those quilters who are working on the ‘Winter Solstice’ Sew A-Long Quilt need to show and tell what they have been working on…(your homework was to complete the wee houses and stars by the last day of the month…remember? :o)  I think I just heard a wave of “Holy Crap” coming from Blogland?  Yup…I know, August went by in a blink of the eye…!

But having said that, pictures are coming in fast and plentiful, SEW stay tuned for tons of highlights!  If you have a blog and are participating, please let me know so that I can provide a link to your blog in my post…WE WANT TO SEE what you have been up to!!  If you didn’t get your ‘homework’ done, then not to worry…there is always September…October…November!  It’s ALL good!

Have a super Saturday and Happy Stitching!~P